An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Nice weather for ducks...

After a day shut in my bedroom doing lots of sorting,  I had to get out of the house today.

The weather looked promising and I fancied trying to get some nice crisp winter blue sky shots from a loch side.  Wanting to avoid my usual choices of Loch Earn and Loch Tay, we headed for Loch Lubnaig. 

Unfortunately when we got onto the A9, I could see clouds in the distance in the direction of Callander and sure enough, when we reached Loch Lubnaig, it was dark and wet.

Not to be put off, we carried on our merry way and came back via Loch Earn, stopping at the usual place.  The ducks were happy to see us and Lola was ecstatic to see the ducks!  

There was some blue sky when we arrived but by the time I got my jacket on and got out of the car, I could see the weather front we'd out run was going to catch up with us pretty quickly so I didn't have time to take the kind of photo I had planned to.  That said, the wind was blowing a hoolie straight off the loch (the waves give a clue to how windy it was) and it was freezing, so after five quick snaps with my camera, it was back in the car for me!

David took Lola a quick walk further into St Fillans but turned back when the rain came on.  Plus he had managed to only take one glove with him (it's partner was lying cosy on the boot room floor when we returned) so I don't think he would have got much further even if it hadn't rained.

Back home via the Coop in Crieff for some supplies (no cake - polishes halo) then home for a much needed coffee.

Spag bol for dinner then half an hour glaring at David when he laughed heartily at my suggestion that if I stick to my healthy eating, there could be a chance I might fit into my wedding dress in time for our 30th Wedding Anniversary in August. 

If all else fails, I know the veil still fits! ;-)))

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