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By Damnonii

You shall have a fishy...

After being inspired by the colours of the landscape and seascapes on our fabulous week in Lewis and Harris in September, I came home with a completely revised idea of how I wanted to redecorate our bedroom and ensuite.

The stunning scenery, particularly the beaches in Harris (especially our favourite Hushinish - see extra) inspired us to be bolder, to go for stronger blues, teals, sea greens and golden shades, in wallpaper and bedding.  

So out went the plan for understated shades of duck egg, soft creams and  gentle florals, and in its place came fish.  Yes, fish!  :-)

When on Harris we visited the gorgeous Hebridean Design Company's gallery just outside Tarbert.  I fell completely  in love with a set of three Harris Tweed embroidered mackerel (yes you read that right, Harris Tweed embroidered mackerel - see extra :-))) and a piece of glass sculpture depicting a seascape (Doug makes the stunning glass and his partner Kate, the exquisite embroidery.  If you are ever lucky enough to visit Harris this gorgeous little gallery is a must visit.) and these gave me something tangible to work the new decor plan around.

These three little embroidered mackerel also set me off on a hunt for more fish art and I found two different metal fish wall sculptures.  I couldn't decide which one I preferred, so bought them both to see them in situ, with the plan being to return the one we liked least. 

The first one arrived a few days ago and it is very bold and bright and enormous!  We love it!  The second one arrived today.  It's smaller, more subtle and beautifully detailed.  We love it!  

Are you sensing our dilemma here?  :-))  

David says two school of fish plus a set of three mackerel in the bedroom is OTT and will make him feel as though he's sleeping in an episode of The Blue Planet I agree but don't tell him I said that so we have to decide which one stays and which one is displayed somewhere else in the house gets returned.

My immediate thoughts are the bold one should stay in the bedroom as it is a perfect match for the bolder colours and the embroidered mackerel.  I think the smaller set would be lovely in the ensuite, or the pool or even the kitchen.  

Three perfect settings for the other lot of fish...I might have to order more!!!

Oh!  And I have just remembered that my lovely pal Alan who made my cute little ceramic Santa, has also made me two little ceramic fish for the ensuite (they will no doubt be blipped in due course :-)  

It would appear I have more than earned David's new nickname for me....The Fishwife!  

P.S. My blip is the smaller school of fish :-)

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