Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

The Runaway Hyacinth!

"I want to see the world", said the hyacinth!
"Come back, come back", shouted the leaves
straining with all their might to keep everything from toppling over.
I looked in on the living room to see what all the noise was about...
and it was easy to see their predicament.
So I went to fetch a small stake and a length of raffia that I always have handy - and the situations was saved!

We all knew that plants loved to be talked to.
If we didn't know that they talk among themselves too,
we do now!

This is the second hyacinth stem that was in a tight bud when this plant arrangement came to live with me at the end of December.

When I pulled up the blinds this morning after breakfast, it was snowing!
So I knew you would want to see that! Unwilling to put on boots to actually go outside, I did a couple of captures from my balcony and just caught the small snow-plough which was going up my street, on the other side of the road, to clear the path. See the collage in extras!

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