Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Travel day

I got my car back today.  I haven't had it since Christmas eve.  I am less than impressed with the service but won't rant on here.  Suffice it to say I am making wax models and resorting to various witchcraft.

I have been using Mum's car and have been worried about leaving her without any means to get about so drove it down the M1 and returned it.  I caught the train home and must say how pleasant it was to sit on a train and not have to worry about holiday traffic.\

As usual, the quiet carriage had a couple who talked at a level that could be heard all through the carriage all the way from Hornsby to Gosford.  I must remember to bring headphones next time!

I grabbed this on the way home from the station otherwise I would be blipless.  It was lovely to be driving my car again.

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