Keith B

By keibr

A day of action and problems!

I won't bother with the problems here. They are minor irritations which all seem to arrive at once! This morning we lit a cosy fire and did our various exercises for backs, hips, and general stretching, while we listened to the excellent Sunday morning radio.
After a late breakfast it was out for a walk and that's where today's blip was taken. In the background you can see how little snow is lying on the fields. It was snowing very slightly and we walked around the edge of our small lake, stopping to look at the rather tatty beaver lodge there (extra).
Back home it was time for Yoga with Adriene day 11. I did that and was still feeling OK so I launched into day 12, bringing me up to date.  I had to pause and rest a couple of times but I got through my second round of yoga. As usual I gave myself no points for style but a few points for persistence. I've always felt yoga isn't my thing and I'm still thinking about that, but I have to admit my body is moving more loosely and I do feel like I'm getting stronger too. But two sessions in a row was maybe a little ambitious.
Finished the day by changing the back tyre on my e-bike. Now that also has winter tyres with metal studs.  Fortunately I noticed that the tyre had to turn in a particular direction and put it in the wheel correctly. Unfortunately the front tyre is on the wrong way around. (I put that one on first, before I noticed.) So that's a job for tomorrow.

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