While on my runs

By waipushrink

Kuaka at Snells Beach

Woke before sunrise, which was hidden by rain clouds which delivered the promised rain later in the morning. Took myself down the steps to Southend of Snells Beach and then went out onto the mudflats to look for waders. Many herons on the uncovered flats, and even more ducks in the shallow water. The latter respond to humans by heading quickly for deeper water. A few scattered Torea (oysterctchers), and plenty of gulls.

Then I spotted the unmistakable shape and size of Kuaka (godwits) and tried to get closer to the two I could see. They flew away before I could get close. It appeared as if they took flight at the same instant, rather than one following on after the other had made the first move. They flew more or less directly to where the remainder of the flock were searching for food.

I followed on foot and got closer. Also the lens on the Pentax permitted the illusion of being even closer than I was. After one flew away, describing a large semicircle before landing back at the Southend, the rest followed. There was no calling yet all seemed to know exactly where to go to remain as a group. It would seem that they communicate in a way that I could not detect.

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