While on my runs

By waipushrink

Arch Hill Reserve

The Tsukens arrived yesterday afternoon, and a welcome dinner was held on the deck of the apartment. A very happy occasion. This morning I had another walk from the apartment and decided to go along a path in another  park near the central city.

This one is a long strip of mainly native shrubs planted along the northern bank of the old gully between Kingsland on the south and Arch Hill on the north. There are a few open spaces further west than where I took this photo, where the park consists of lots of plants acting as a barrier between the motorway which runs along the bottom of the old gully, and the houses further up the hill. 

About 20 m behind where I was standing the path goes under the Bond Street Bridge over the motorway, linking Grey Lynn with Sandringham.

On my way back I heard and then saw a spotted dove, and the Lumix helped get a very clear picture.

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