Country Fair

Yet another sea day today, and the ship's crew outdid themselves putting together a really fun "Country Fair" out on the pool deck this morning.  Each department had their own booth where passengers could vie to win raffle tickets which were then drawn at the end of the festivities for prizes.  There were all sorts of funny activities to try -- the Housekeeping Department had a competition to see who could stuff a pillow into a pillow case the fastest, the Galley had a blind sniff test to see how many spices and herbs you could identify by smelling them, the Bar Department strapped a ballpoint pen on a long string from behind your waist, and then you had to see if you could insert the pen into an empty beer bottle (hilarious to watch!), and Destination Services had a "horse race" where participants sat in a chair and were given a spool with a horse at the other end.  Whoever wound their spool the fastest, and brought their horse to the finish line first won.  There were lots of other booths as well.  Top picture shows the general mayhem scene with Mr. W in amongst the crowd, bottom left shows him winning some raffle tickets from the head of the Security Department, and bottom right shows him beaming proudly after he won one of the prizes in the raffle!  (A very nice carry bag with a baseball cap, coffee mug, and document case inside.)

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