On the way to Work

Monday morning, an early start and my bus was late, as were the other two buses that are around the same time.  Everyone must have slept in this morning.  Another busy day at the office, working towards a big deadline tomorrow.  I will be glad when tomorrow evening comes around.

It was nice to escape out of the office at lunchtime for some fresh air and sunshine.  I took a little wander down Broughton Street.

We were all delayed getting home this evening due to an accident.  Poor BB was home alone until TT managed to eventually make it home.  TT then disappeared for a  run when I got home, and I was left to help BB with his homework, which involved introducing him to Pythagoras Theorem.  I’m not sure he should have been given homework where this knowledge was assumed, when they haven’t done it in class.

I took this blip on my way to the office this morning.

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