By Hanulli

Happy Blipday Mono Monday

Many thanks to Paladian for starting MonoMondays 5 years ago.
It is part of my weekly routine and a lot of fun.
Cheers from the Hanullis :-))
Thank you jensphotos for hosting the challenge this month!

Reminder for TiPS, the challenge for tiny people:
The current tag for January is TiPS29. 
Have a look here to see the entries in January until now., to get an idea. They are amazing! 

You can make as many entries as you like. I'm looking forward to many creative entries of the adventures of all sorts of tiny figures. Have fun! 

Not the best day. Omo suffered from diarrhea and asked for the garden several times in the night. When I waked T. for her work, she started to vomit. And to make the day perfect, I got a bilious attack.
So we spent the day with nodding and vomiting....
Everyone is again better in the meantime. I definitely long for normal days... :-)

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