By CleanSteve

Is this a linnet?

I had a cup of tea mid-afternoon and sat at the dining table reading The Guardian. Im wanted to get  varied opinions about the vote today as well as updates on the madness of Trump and his increasingly extensive lies.

I looked up and amongst the usual suspects at the bird feeders outside the patio door I spotted an unusual little bird hopping about amongst the fallen debris of sunflower seeds dropping down from the feeders above. I picked up my camera just to make a record and managed a to get a few shots of it flitting about near ground level.

I noticed its range of colours on its feathers and realised I didn't know what bird it is. I chose this view of its back as it shows the greatest variety of colours and details. The green back feathers confused me as did the yellow on its wings and red on its breast. I've now checked a few websites and I think it might be a linnet, which are renowned for being ground feeders. Does anyone know better?

At one moment together around the feeders there were bullfinches, (male and female), a male blackcap, goldfinches, long-tailed titis, blue tits, chaffinches, robins and a nuthatch. It was hectic.

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