I think that’s how you spell it. All laid out on the sideboard my first and second earlies and the Desiree maincrop. I am wondering if the ground will be prepared in time. I have another busy weekend coming up, but aim to dig over two more beds.

Today my most positive achievement was exchanging a broken necklace without a receipt. Lisa Angel staff were more than happy to just swap it for a new one. It is Mollie’s; the boys gave it to her for her 21st birthday. So I was very pleased with that.

Second positive thing is that my car is on its way to being fixed, thanks to our friendly local mechanic Andy. I was able to take Jon’s car to work. Luckily I remembered to take two cushions from the sofa to sit on to drive. Yesterday I could hardly see over the steering wheel, and without my driving glasses too, the drive home yesterday was a bit hair raising for Henry and Mollie.

Done a bit of sorting out tonight, but also had quite a lot of time after dinner sitting chatting. All 5 of us. That has been very nice and time to value as Mollie goes back to Uni next week.

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