If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Red Squirrel

A very unusual morning.  Once ore twice before we have had a couple of squirrels in the garden at the same time.  Generally a single one visits a few times takes nuts and is gone.  This morning almost every time we looked out of the window one was in view.  When there were two they tolerated each other so long as one was on the bird table and the other a few yards away.

Once they both wanted on the bird table at once the scuffles and chase round the garden started.  Other unusual behaviour was one making visits on to the bird feeders themselves.  If you look at the angle of the tail and the position of the ear tufts you will know what the weather was like!

Other news Clickychick tells me I feature (her photo) in the line of photos towards the bottom of the Media page in the about us section.

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