Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Only 17 shopping days left.....

Hexham was heaving with people this morning. You would think it was Christmas next week.

I had to go to have snow tyres put on the car, a hair cut (not as short this time please - arghh), bit of shopping, lunch, picked up car, took (new) broken specs to opticians. All in all, a delightful day.

The best bit was overheard in the hairdressers when the lady next to me was talking about her new grandchild. The older sibling wanted to know how the baby got out of Mummy's tummy. What came first? Daddy told him that first the head, then the body and then the legs came out. There was a short puzzled pause, followed by this question, "Who put him together then?"

The electrician has been and the plumber is now here. I'm cooking a chicken to cheer us up. Sounds like we'll need it, the grumpy plumber has just asked me to sign a disclaimer in case the wall comes away when he repairs the toilet. ARGHH!

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