Frost Feathers

Dear Diary,

It has been bitterly cold for a while.  I discovered some frost feathers along the edge of Gaylords heated water bowl.  Last year around this time I had photographed frost feathers on the barn window but this is the first time I've seen real ones, suspended about a half inch from the surface of the water!  The warmish water must have caused them.  They didn't last long.  As soon as the sun hit them they were gone.

The sun will be in short supply this weekend, the moon too, since a major storm is due on Sunday.  They are hinting at 18-24 inches of snow.  My plow guy Chris came last night with a huge bucket loader to move back the snow piles in preparation.  I will be stocking up with food today too.  Then it will just be a case of "sheltering in place" as they say.

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