The Way of Colour

By Beachcomber149

Davaar Island

5.5C with bright winter sunshine until mid afternoon when cloud started to come in from the West. Light N/NE/NNW breeze (after a windy night).

After lunch Fergus and I went for a walk out to the old shipyard and wandered out the shore path to Slaty Farlan and on out the new path to the second gate. There were no other dog walkers on the new path today and it was very nice to have peace to walk without off lead dogs running up to Fergus and annoying him.

On the Clip while walking:
The Infinite Monkey Cage (Podcast):
Brian Cox and Robin Ince were joined by Chris Addison, Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees and Baroness Cathy Ashton to discuss the future of humanity.

What Makes us Human Podcast:
Jeremy Vine talked to Professor Alice Roberts.

All Hail Kale (Podcast):
Doomsday Diet
Ten foods to live longer - and survive Armageddon down in your bunker. Revealing the absolute healthiest foods in the world - foods that can potentially add ten years to your life expectancy.

Afternoon music ... Tangerine Dream, Quantum Gate. Vangelis, Rosetta

DC-TZ90  f/3.3 1/1000 sec. ISO-80 4mm (35mm focal length 26mm)

Freezing - A Haiku
Freezing break of day
A little Fergus wandered
past the busy harbour

Lighthouse - A Haiku
Colder winter day
the distant lighthouse stands bright
against the island

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