A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Yes it is done, I actually finished it last Tuesday but I can never dismantle them straight away. Luckily I do them on a folding mat which can be zipped up and put away (under the settee)

It was pretty challenging even with feline help! (Extra) I got it out again today to take the photograph and then put it back in the box as I wanted to start another this afternoon. Something a little easier!

The snow didn’t amount to much and we had a lovely evening with our friends. We took one of them home this morning and there was some snow on the nearby hills of the villages above us. It was very murky and grey though so not at all scenic, hence the jigsaw blip!

Thank you Ron and Ian for the challenge and if you want to borrow it Wendy you are most welcome.

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