Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Singapore butterflies

Flying 24 hours is quite a gruelling experience, but far less so if you are lucky enough to be travelling in business class. 
5 films, 2 meals and a short nap and 12 hours flew by quite quickly. 
We arrived in Singapore at around 6am and only had a couple of hours to kill, so my first stop was to go and visit the butterfly garden - but we were too early - it was still dark and they were all still asleep! So we headed to the lounge, had a drink and a bit of a catch up with each other and at around 7:30am went back to see if they had woken up yet! 
There were a few fluttering about, but the sun was not very high so the light was poor, but I quite liked this blue and brown one. 
We then had our short flight - a mere nine and a quarter hours. I started with a 4 hour sleep and missed out on the breakfast meal as I was more tired than hungry, then a couple of movies and finally a meal before landing. 

All in all I thoroughly recommend business class - the space and service is amazing, but unless we win the lottery I don't think we will be paying what it normally costs to travel this way. And it will take me another 10 years to get enough points again with my work trips....

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