Not So Silly?

But then again a isn’t a pantomime meant to be silly!
Tonight we went to see a local children’s production of ‘Sleeping Beauty (in Pantoloonia)’ (Panto-loonia).   I say children, but the age range was from five-year-olds up to, well I think one or two were very late teens (VERY). 
Fantastic production with big parts for all age groups.  I’m still laughing now, and must have missed a few good shots as I had to keep wiping the tears from my eyes.  Pantoloonia is where all the pantomime characters live, and our granddaughter was playing ‘Snow White’.
My favourite individual character just had to be Fairy Mandy.  A very camp fairy who had the audience in stitches.  He just had to be the main blip for Silly Saturday, otherwise it would have been Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn had her own slot, but due to a glitch when videoing (first time I had tried it with the EOS R) I missed her dance and song bit.  I think the most brilliant ‘group’ were the Mini Peasants’ with our friends daughter Grace giving it some welly in the middle.  I think most of them had individual lines (well prompted/conducted by the producer in the ‘pit’), and, as with all the dialogue in the panto, topical jokes.  The three peasants were the brilliant ‘continuity’ shuffling on and off at regular and some impromptu moments.
I see the rehearsals for next year’s panto start in March.  We will be getting tickets.
Many thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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