Arnside and beyond

By gladders

A bend in the river

The tidal River Leven winding its way from Greenodd to Windermere, here just south of a disused railway bridge close to Roudsea Wood.  It was an unexpectedly beautiful day of early mists and milky light.

We travelled to Greenodd in the morning for the Potato Day in the village hall. We had no inkling what to expect, but the sheer variety of potatoes on offer was quite overwhelming. I hadn't even planned to grow any spuds this year.  We left with two sorts of Earlies, two types of raspberry bushes, two types of garlic and two more packets of seeds to add to the burgeoning seed bank. Quite where on the allotment we shall accommodate everything this season is not yet clear, but it will be good fun trying.

After coffee and delicious cakes at the Bakehouse, we took Gus for a circular walk over the Leven estuary to Roudsea. And as Gus no longer has the spring in his back legs to jump into the back of the car, he's learned to walk up a dog ramp that we bought but never used a few years ago when he had hurt his leg.

I have a feeling this may become an annual diary fixture.

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