Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Knott reflections

The view back from Sandside to Arnside Knott, rising above the morning mist. We made time for a quick stop as we headed for Wifie's Monday Tai Chi/Qi Gong course.  Gus and I had been at the highest point of the photo an hour or so earlier.  There is a tiny figure walking on the salt marsh who might just be visible in large.

It would be interesting to see a photo from this spot taken say 50 years ago.  The top of the hill at least might have been less obviously tree covered. Scrub and trees are more established now, as evidenced by the Trig Point that is surrounded by shrubs and young trees, yet once would have been visible from afar as a surveying reference point. There is an account of the top of the Knott visible at distance at night because of the large numbers of glowworms in the limestone grassland. Small numbers are still present, but not as far as I'm aware on the highest ground.

On other matters, the BBC weather forecast for the rest of the week is thick cloud and light winds - every day. Better than heavy rain and strong winds, but it would be good to have a few mornings like today without being in a hurry to be somewhere else.

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