Keith B

By keibr


...are important in our household. Even now as I write this, there are three candles burning on the kitchen table. In practical terms they are totally unnecessary but they add a lovely, cosy element to life.  If you don't think so, buy one of those weird little electrical candles, turn it on and put it next to a real burning candle. Which is the the most interesting or beautiful?
In other news, Yoga with Adriene continued today, day 19. After my practice I found myself looking up a couple of extra videos to check out exactly how I should be doing "downward dog" or how that new breathing (Victorious Breath) works.  I'd never heard of these things 20 days ago, 15 days ago I was making cynical comments about the poses, and now I'm trying to hone my (rubbish) technique.  Hmmm.....   It is slightly addictive.

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