Forest Magic

I always feel a magic in the forest when I am walking through it. There are many and varying reasons for this magic but part of it is the different and changing light.
Today every branch and twig was covered in hoar frost, glistening white. (extra). The sun rose and burned through this whiteness, making part of the forest glow, in contrast to the dark floor and thicker vegetation.
Later in the day we finally got out for our first ski of this winter (extra). It wasn't brilliant, with  grass poking through in places, but it was skiing!
It remains cold (extra) so I took the chance to defrost the freezer. I just took all the frozen food out to the doorstep and left it there, where It was only a degree or two warmer than it was in the freezer!  This is one of those jobs that gives satisfaction once it is done but isn't much fun as you are doing it.
One of those days when I took a lot of pictures and had to make a choice about how many extras to add! All-in-all a very satisfying day.

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