Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo


Went out for a birthday run. Cold and sunny. One boat had cleared a channel through the ice.
In an attempt to prove that I’m not getting old, I decided to stretch the 10K run a bit. Maybe 8 miles? That’s about as far as I go. How about 10 miles? That seemed like a lot of work. A half marathon would be more work but would at least mean something. So I did 21.1 km. I’d always assumed that I should be able to do that. And it turns out I was right! I was pleased to keep the same, somewhat gentle, pace up all way round. Just under 1:43:00.

Felt entitled to laze around in the afternoon.
Mum came round for a bit and I spoke to both kids on the phone.
Watched Deadpool (dead good) and C and I went out to the Italian for dinner.

A good day.

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