Capital adventures

By marchmont


After an abortive foray in the middle of the trying to sort the SIM issue I had a slow start. The watch was fixed +new battery) and the winder on the other one also had a repair but not sure how long it will be.

Sorrento the morning plus lunch in the Museum of Islamic Art (think KL one is better). Then a walk passed the shows (Qataris have a lot to learn about hustling) and back for a rest by the pool. Too breezy and hazy to swim. My nerves were aflame with so much walking so the rest was good.

Later after some book reading it was off to the Souq. It is the Doha equivalent of tartan tat on the Mile. Had a look round and then food, at least the service was faster than last night. And there was an Equestrian Event which had pulled a big crowd.

Tomorrow I must go the the posh side of the Bay.

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