Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Nifty Nine

A nearly balmy day with temperatures finally climbing out of the teens (F) by mid-afternoon.  The yard/woods are covered in a hard coating of ice making walking treacherous.  Even the birds, with their grippy little feet, are having a hard time maintaining footing on ice-covered branches.  I watched this little Carolina Wren slip and slide off one branch after another before he/she finally gained footing on a branch I'd knocked the ice from earlier.  It's probably my imagination, but he seems a little less jaunty than usual.

Carolina Wrens are found in our woods year-round, although they usually go into stealth mode during the breeding season, choosing to nest somewhere far back in the woods.  I think something must have happened to one of them as I'm only seeing one around now - he/she is a daily visitor to the suet and sunflower hearts along with the occasional drink of water.  It's awfully hard to resist wrens, in my opinion, and Carolina Wrens with their warm rufus colors and big, cheery voices, are especially dear.

I  did manage to spend some time on the cleared portion of the deck and patio this morning, all bundled up and watching my footing very carefully.  It is supposed to warm up above freezing for the next few days so hopefully this mess of ice will melt.  It's really yucky.

Two more shots on Flickr, starting here with an adorable American Tree Sparrow (who probably should have been Yard bird #9) and followed by a very red cardinal.  Worth a look if you're so inclined.

For the past few days, we've suddenly been seeing fox in the woods and yard.  Sunday we saw two chasing each other in the woods - looked more playful than territorial, so perhaps a mated pair.  A little later we saw one with something smaller than a squirrel in it's mouth - maybe a bird or small rodent.  And today, one trotted right across our yard (I was inside and the camera angle was impossible).  Nice to see fox about again, although I suspect they will thin the squirrel population fairly quickly.  

Day two at the gym for the week. (smiley face)

Thanks for all the love on my puffy blue jay yesterday - I hope it gave you some laughs!


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