By HeartFreek

Happy Birthday Mummy

On a Tuesday, I work close to Reading. Its miles away for me but I chose this location so I could pop into my sisters regularly to see my (Step) mum who has been staying with my sister since she broke her ankle back in November.

It was mums birthday yesterday so thought work would tie in well with taking her out for a meal tonight. Except my work got cancelled this morning!!!! How typical is that. Why can't it be cancelled when we havn't actually GOT to go there !!!! But its fine. We would have taken mum out anyway, even if I wasn't due to be working. We do every year and she loves it.

Mum is still very wary of standing on her bad foot even though she's allow to partial weight bear. I bought her a Polka Dot walking stick as a joke Birthday present but she's too attached to her Zimmer frame. Shes also a little bit fixated on her ankle and has lost a lot of confidence. She spent quite a while working out how she was going to get from the car and into the restaurant we took her to. It was only one step but I guess if you can't walk very well, even one step is a great big one.

Anyway, she managed it well. We had a great 'all you can eat for £19.50" Chinese meal which I really enjoyed and it was worth battling the snow and traffic to get there.

The end of the evening was finished off with some delicious Toffee Apple and Banana but it was a bit of a Roulette as to which one was which!!!

Happy Birthday Mummy. xXx

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