A day in the life

By Shelling

Light green

This mornings blazing sun invited me to another skating trip at the same place, as some of you saw a blip from last Sunday. We had a very little snowfall on Monday and it got first milder, then a bit colder again. This meant that the snow that fell on the ice melted a bit and then froze again. Skating was suddenly very hazard like, since the blades of the skates cuts through the snow but without moving it sideways, because it's too hard, so, balance becomes a big issue or you'll fall over. It's like the skates has a mind of their own. Luckily someone had been on the ice before me and made a path just outside the patches of snow that I could follow a lovely eight kilometer trip.

In the evening a friend of mine who works as a musician in a theatre company  gave his farewell concert at Kalmar art gallery. He's another one in the growing group of friends that are soon pensioners, like myself. He belongs to the little group of people who naturally associates sound and chords with colors. For him, the chord D minor has the color of light green. This phenomenon is called Synesthesia  and can be explained as by stimulating one sensory or cognitive pathway (like hearing a sound) leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (like seeing a color). His performance was a wide pallet of sound, light, colors and many, many instruments. He was also using quite a lot of sound technique and created quite an extraordinary piece of art.

Todays Blip is from the staircase of the art gallery, a piece of art in it self.

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