Goodbye Christmas!

Well, I finally found the energy to put away my Christmas decorations. They all came off the tree today and are now safely tucked up in boxes and under the stairs for 10 months or so. The tree will go back in the box tomorrow. I’ve never put them away so late, but this never-ending virus just sapped all energy. I didn’t really feel like it today either but forced myself to do it. I must say, I enjoyed the tree and the lights especially on these dark grey January days! I like that there are some cultures who leave their trees up much longer than we do in the UK and US.

On the theme of extended Christmas celebrations, I went to a local village Panto this evening. After living in England for the last 27 years and also 11 years of my childhood, this was the first time I’ve actually gone to one. Even though they are associated with Christmas, the village pantos most often take place in January.

For my non-British friends, the ‘British’ version of a Panto or Pantomime is ‘a theatrical entertainment, mainly for children (or families), which involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, usually produced around Christmas’. Tonight’s production was the story of Snow White. An interesting evening’s entertainment! See Extra photos.

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