Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I didn’t look at the subject for AT until I was on my way to meet a friend for coffee then saw it was “texture” so I thought of photographing my gloves but that seemed rather boring. 

After I had been into the Post Office, I decided to walk into town, which would have taken about 10 minutes but it started raining and as I would have had to sit in a wet coat thought I would catch a bus.  I know I’m a wimp but it was also very cold! 

As I stood at the bus stop under a bus shelter, I realised that the mesh panel that is now used instead of glass or see-through plastic - because vandals smash it - had texture. I took quite a few shots then had the brainwave of taking a “selfie” through the mesh so had to look through the mesh with my phone in my hand on the other side of it!  

Lots of people passed me and looked amused, unbelieving, surprised and flabbergasted in equal measure - and were probably wondering what an “old dear” was doing, probably thinking I’d “lost my marbles” and of course, they could be right - except Blippers wouldn’t think that - or would they?  I changed the shot to mono as I thought it looked better that way and I think it looks better too, viewed from a distance and looking “through” the mesh.

“Photography is space, light, texture, of course, 
     but the really important element is time - 
          that nanosecond when the image 
               organizes itself on the ground glass.”
Ezra Stoller : American Architectural Photographer - 1915-2004

P.S.  Had to show you, as an extra, the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that Mr. HCB finished a couple of days ago - I am now struggling to do a 140 piece Wentworth wooden jigsaw so don’t think I will be “moving on up” for some time to come!

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