By ArcLight

Underlit bridge

Trekking backwards and forwards to the university along the same route each day means that quite a few of the photographs I have been taking are simply repeats of earlier photographs in different light. I took a version of this one in pink light earlier in the week. I was slightly later today, heading straight for a meeting starting at 10am. Today it was colder again - a function of clear skies. It's also worth pointing out that the river here is quite fast flowing, and has just come past a factory which perhaps heats the water up. So that's why there is relatively ice on the river. There is, however, up to half a metre of ice on the two lakes at the top and bottom of the river, so obviously everyone is out there walking. We haven't had time to explore this.

Overnight I received an interesting email from someone who was a second cousin of my father. He wanted to know whether we were cousins. I guess he figured that the person called "Jo" who is all over the internet (inevitable when you are an academic) was the same as the "Josephine" he knew of from earlier correspondence with my father. I replied, putting him back in touch also with my sister and brother by email, although it transpired that he spoke to my sister not that long ago, by telephone. I suspect that was when my sister was ringing around the people she found in my father's address book, letting them know he had died. Anyway, we are in email contact now. Much my preferred medium....

Getting the email led me to do a bit of googling, not least as he mentioned that he had worked at the Tate (indeed, he ended up as Keeper of Modern British Art there and had a long and distinguished career) and that his wife had worked at the Foreign Office (ditto, and sounds like a very interesting woman, but sadly no longer with us). He was hoping that we might be able to pop in and see him when in London. I will try - but I've not been to London for years, for a variety of reasons. But now that L is moving back there in about a month, I will be endeavouring to find excuses to go down.

Lots of useful feedback this week in Tampere. Good progress on my own work, and hopefully I'm also contributing here, if modestly. Tomorrow we start heading home.

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