By ArcLight

Leith Arches/Nourish

As part of my #leithwalkshops series, I blipped the Movement House back in July 2019. Just along Manderston Street, so not really a #leithwalkshop, are Leith Arches, which now house the Movement House cafe, Nourish, during the day, as well as being a bar and event space in the evenings. I was going to get closer and get a more interesting shot, but I was disturbed by someone who used to teach a class I enjoyed at Projekt42 coming up and disturbing me. Unfortunately, he doesn't work there any more, and while I liked his classes I'm not going to go chasing around the city looking for them.

Nothing much else interesting happened today. I went to Pilates, and I finished the book for which I'm writing a review. It would appear that I find writing actual books easier than writing reviews... And I've been a bit dozy as I think I rather overdid it yesterday. Early night tonight.

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