By strawhouse


Work this morning and then home for a quick lunch before heading over to Brackley with Mr K to watch Miss L in her first netball match of the term.
We went early so we could look round the Antique's Centre as part of our never-ending quest to see to see if we can find a sideboard or dresser or chest for our impossible-to-furnish living room.
We could not so the quest goes on!!
Then it was a quick scoot round Waitrose to pick up healthy fibre-filled foods - and pork pies - before heading to the school where Miss L was playing.
This morning Miss E was feeling a bit poorly but wanted to go to school so Mr K wrote a note in her planner to say to call if she needed to come home.
Guess when they called?
As soon as we parked. Arse!!
I could see some other parents still sat in their cars so I said to Mr K to wait until Miss L arrived so she could at least see that he'd come to watch. She was so giddy this morning that Daddy was coming.
The minutes ticked by and we thought they were later and later. Eventually one of the other mums discovered that they were playing on a court we didn't know about in a different part of the school rather than where they usually go.
By now Mr K really had to go for Miss E so I headed down.
Miss L burst into tears when she saw I was alone and when I said that Mr K had gone to get Miss E she was devastated and wailed that she always misses out because of Miss E. Bless her.
She is prone to dramatic over-reaction but I did feel for her!!
As soon as I saw how upset she was I suddenly realised that I could have gone to get Miss E and Mr K could have stayed. Doh!!!! We're so black and white - they called him so he went!!
Miss L recovered from her upset and enjoyed the game. As usual the other school seemed much taller/faster/better/more aware of tactics/positions but our girls tried hard and enjoyed themselves!
Mr K and Miss E came back just in time for match tea. Miss E seemed OK. She was upset that Miss L had been upset and tried really hard to make it up to her. Very sweet!
As a treat we decided to go back to the antique centre for tea and cake in the cafe. We spent too long browsing and cafe was closed by the time we got there. Oops!
Miss L loves old coins and found a bargain bag full of coins in one of the cabinets. I gave her £3 and told her to go and ask the lady at the desk to get them out for her and then pay. I loved seeing them at the desk so grown up.
And she loves her bag of treasure!!

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