The Gloves Are On

We went for a walk in Epping Forest and explored the site of the speedway track at High Beach. It was opened in 1928 on an old cinder running track behind the Kings Oak pub. The first fixture there attracted 30,000 spectators. Nothing much to see now other than a bank where the spectators used to stand. We walked through the forest to the bikers' hut, which a man we met whilst walking told us was originally a wooden hut delivered to the site in the 1930s pulled by a horse. It is now a converted metal container. I bought Ollie a nice juicy sausage. She slightly blotted her copy book by standing up and putting her muddy front paws on the counter.

Back near the Kings Oak we had a sausage roll each at the cyclists' hut. These two very friendly EastEnd/Essex women were kickboxing outside the pub. Evidently they always do it outside whatever the weather. We had quite a long chat and I admire the attitude to life of the woman in pink.

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