By Bradders

Australia Day

I woke up early to check out, eat snacks (breakfast) and rush to the meeting point for my Surf Lesson by 0730. We drove down to Lennox Head where the surf was marginally better. The surf was very challenging though, with short waves, steep breaks, switching directions and relentless waves. I felt I improved none the less. I think next time I can just rent a board. Super keen to try kitesurfing in Perth!

There were hundreds on Byron beach in the afternoon, having what was a rather tame national day.

In the centre of it all was an aboriginal market/concert/ something. Speeches by aboriginal and community leaders about the state of the world, respect for culture and foreign people's, as well as climate and the environment particularly Australia's policies.

The sun was setting today and wile I did apply every 30 minutes-1hour I feel like I might have got some sunburn, probably the spray can is running out. Bought aftersun, zinc sun tan cream and normal sun tan cream... $56 what. What this the deal there Australia, are you encouraging skin cancer.

At 1700 I got my bus towards Casino, NSW. After that grab something to eat then I'll get a train at 1930 to Sydney arriving 0700.

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