A long-overdue visit to the salon

Today I visited my hairdresser for a trim for the first time in over a year (eek!) When I came home I asked Mr hazelh to photograph my 'do' so that we could compare my (natural) colour with that of almost five years ago. It's been a very dull day in Edinburgh today so I'm not sure of the validity of this comparison, especially given that the 2014 shot was taken in the sunshine. However, Mr hazelh and I don't think there has been much change as my golden locks slowly fade to grey.

I have had a busy day. Wide awake at 06:00am, I leapt out of bed and had a pan of ham stock and the first course for next Monday's book group cooked before breakfast with Mr hazelh. By lunchtime the stock was soup, and I had completed all my exercise for the day. This afternoon I cooked some more, polished the silver, planned all our meals for next week, wrote a shopping list, spoke to my mother on the phone, and visited two supermarkets. Just call me Superwoman :-)

This evening I will relax.

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights and stretches, 10 mile bike ride, some walking (8283 steps).

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