A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Style Guru

A question or a statement.. I'll let you be the judge!

This is Willow. He thinks he's the bees knees, & to tell you the truth.. he probably is one of the coolest cats I know. Monkey as you can see, the true God, in all his glory & unrivaled splendor, sat watching over his Uncy Will.

All week we'd been looking forward to our weekend away at the Stenhouses in Croydon & so after work today we slung some belongings in a bag & off we flew. This was not of course before we'd had another go at assembling the base of our new bed which finally arrived this week, as it had been giving us a bit of trouble last night. With a bit of jiggery pokery, & some jabbing & hammering with various tools, we succeeded in getting the wheels into the base & now it's just a matter of placing all the pieces together & then we'll have our new bed.

Flashforward a few hours, & we were welcomed in by Willow & Lottie the doggie, who I hope to Blip this weekend, & quickly offered drinkies! We chucked in some pizzas & the three us chilled & chatted & Jenny, not being one to waste a moments spare time, finished off the Maltesers cake for George & Janice's Birthday, courtesy of Lorraine Pascal's new cookery book which I got for my own B'day (thankyou Ma). We also had time for few games of the new Call Of Duty game. It's fantastic! Willow & I are very partial to an hour or three of square eye time. You cannot beat a bit of bloody, mindless Zombie bashing! Quite cathartic really.

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