Photography for campaigning

Mark Phillips addressed the meeting of the RPS East Midlands documentary group in the afternoon.

His latest project shows how Cubans really do make do and mend. They can even recycle old mattresses. In Ghana, people are poisoning themselves by burning off plastic coating on electrical wiring to retrieve the metal. In Sweden, a shopping mall situated next to a recycling centre recycles and refurbishes other people's discarded rubbish. There are several recycling cafés in UK, if you only know where to find them. The condition is that you must stay to watch how your broken item is fixed, so that you can do it yourself another time.

People are increasingly mending and recycling broken mobile phones because they don't want to pay the high prices for new ones. So it isn't all about falling demand in China, Apple.

Mark is documenting what he sees in his photography. A book may be the end result.

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