Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

No, honesty!

I guess that should really be honestly but I couldn't resist this honesty on the cycle path today.
I've had a really good day, lots done, stuff thrown into suitcase...unsorted, but in and well within my allowance so that's good.
Had my toenails shelacked (and apparently it does have a 'k'!) got my walking done, lost the pom pom off my bunnet... and got it back, met with friends, went to bridge... and we won!
I went into a shop in Bruntsfield today and the shop assistant asked how I was, I started to say 'Not bad ' as one does, when I suddenly thought, 'No, I'm not 'not bad', everything is good, I'm well, I'm happy, as are my family. I have enough, the sun is shining, I have my adventure planned and my toenails are sparkly. ' I don't think the poor guy knew what had hit him.
It's so easy though to get drawn into the doom and gloom and even just the ' not bad ' when in fact things are good and sometimes counting your blessings can be a great boost and a surprise.
"So, thanks for asking, I feel great actually" and that's the reason for the honesty in the blip image. It just seemed perfect.
Steps today 15200, mainly walking from Haymarket to Morningside then home again. Tomorrow I will attack my cases once more.

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