By rainie

A Weather Phenomenon

This looks like an abstract, but is just how it was, but I've converted to mono.  
Doug & I were cleaning the windows on the outside this morning.  Doug noticed this ring around the sun, looked very weird.  Nipped inside to grab the camera and flicked off three photos.  The black angle is the roof, I had to photograph from under that so not to get much of the actual sun.  

I started a big project this afternoon and it needs to be done by Thursday night....was making progress when the door bell rang, here is a guy we hadn't seen for possibly ten years.  Great to see him, but he didn't leave until 5 pm, then it was time to prepare dinner.  
I'll have a re-look at the project in the morning, trouble is I've so much other stuff to do before Friday its not even funny.

Granddaughter Ella starts high school tomorrow, I've just sent her a text to wish her well.  She replied saying she was excited but very nervous as well.  A new & exciting chapter in her book of life.

An hour or so later - an explanation from a Facebook friend, she said - " I saw that and looked up what it was... Tiny ice crystals in Earth's atmosphere create the halos. They do it by refracting and reflecting the light. "


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