By CleanSteve

Snow on ploughed field at Stancombe Beech farm

With snow being forecast I went early to do my shopping in town and then drove up to the top of the Cotswold escarpment to the farm shop near Bisley. When I reached the edge of Bisley I saw a dusting of snow on the red earth of the ploughed fields.

After chatting in the shop with Keith and Ashley, the two brothers who farm the land, I went out into their fields to get some wintry scenes. Ashley said that there had been a light snowfall soon after dawn, although down in the valley we hadn't had any at all. There is significant snow forecast for this evening and possibly even more in a couple of days. I'd like to be up on the hills when there is heavy snow, but I can't usually get up the hills when it is lying. I've stocked up with sackfuls of sunflower hearts for our bird feeders, so they should be happy. there are hordes of them right now just outside the window.

I liked the subtle colours with the hazy sunlight. I took pictures of the sheep grazing in the adjacent field. They look very pregnant so lambing time must be imminent.

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