Dom Cotter on air at BBC Radio Gloucestershire

I had a great time with Dom Cotter today at his invitation to bring my selection of 'vintage vinyl' for his regular weekly slot in his daily show. I'd met him last December when I was interviewed by his colleague, Nicky Price, about the recording of Band Aid's 'Do they know it is Christmas'. 

He emailed me last week to ask if I wanted to come on the show to play some vintage vinyl and tell tall tales about what they meant to me. How could I resist. I sent him a message with a suggested track list and away we went. Many of the tracks were on albums or singles which Helena has, as most of my vinyl collection was stolen a long time ago.

I always like being in studios and Dom made it very informal and relaxed and I think a good time was had. I brought with me some props related to my selection and my 'story' including frisbees, videotapes, cassettes and even some of my cards.

If you are interested you might be able to listen to the show from this BBC Sounds link. I was introduced after the news at 1pm, which is 1 hour into the recording, and we finished after an hour. If you are in a different country that link may not work and it will probably be obsolete after 30 days. 

Dom took some pictures which he will tweet and if he does I may add a further link to them later. He says that because I had so many good tracks to play and we ran out of time, he's going to invite me back again for another session near Easter. I'm excited already!

When I took this picture I saw the yellow light become illuminated on the blue mic which meant I was going to be speaking imminently! Time to go.

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