The roundhouse by Frogmarsh Mill, Woodchester

There has been controversy about this Round House for a long time about whether it was originally constructed to dry wool, to dry teasels or to bleach wool. But it was certainly involved in the textile industry for which the adjacent Frogmarsh Mill was a key employer beside the Nailsworth stream flowing down through Woodchester to join the River Frome at Stroud.

Another point of dispute is its age. Some say it dates from the 16th century, others from the 18th century. It might also be called a Tower rather than a Round House, according to some. There are several of these structures dotted around the local valleys and all seem to have been used differently, at least in more recent times.

Further disputes occurred in 1982 when the owners applied for planning permission to convert it into a dwelling. Any dissent then must have been overcome as today I saw three people climbing the steps to the first floor and going inside, to their home I imagine. It must be a bit dark.

I tried to prevent any distortion of its shape, but I fear the building is a little lopsided.

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