My lovely camp blanket

Just finished sewing on some badges from last year. I try to buy a canvas or cotton badge from everywhere I visit. They are becoming less popular though, so many castles/museums/places of interest no longer make them. Luckily for me I got a badge from the Eden Project last summer, and Cadbury World in November. Jon gave me this very special GoGoHare badge. He got it at Norjam in the summer but donated it to me because I did at least genuinely visit every hare!! The last was also given to me by Jon and commemorated the 100 years anniversary of the armistice. It was spare. He has a huge bag of badges to sew on to a new blanket. His blanket was beautiful. Much neater sewing than mine, but the moths have eaten big holes in it. So he needs to move them to a new blanket, or possibly onto his dad’s blanket which he now has.

Just another collection...

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