Norwich castle, and those below

I'm catching the bus from Castle Meadow, instead of my usual Tombland stop. I was going to crop out the wide road with double yellow lines, and a bus stop, plus a couple of people. But then I thought, no, that is how it is. A castle in the middle of a busy city. It isnt like Warwick, or Alnick with vast acres of ground surrounding it. But we are lucky to have it here, so accessible for the every day person to visit. You can buy an 'annual museums pass' which isn't ever so expensive, so might buy it for myself in the next month or so. It gives access to lots of Norfolk museums.

I've had a long day, and have just left at 6. I intend to go straight to Aylsham to dance, and then home by 9. It saves me a 17 mile round trip from home to Aylsham and back, and means I can go in later tomorrow.

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