Winter White: Tree Row in the Snow

Well, the weather is doing its thing. It snowed off and on all day Tuesday and then the polar vortex dropped us into the deep freeze. It is the very heart of winter. A cold, cold heart.

My travels took me to town and campus on this day, via the trusty G bus. Above you may see another one of my pictures taken out a bus window. This is a tree row that I have photographed before, on Sawmill Road. I admired its simple beauty against the winter white of the snow.

I bagged yet a SECOND tree row on this day. In the afternoon, before I left for home, I had some photography fun with the reflections on the Business building, and then I snapped some photos of the views out several windows from inside the same building.

In the extras, you may see a photo taken from such a window, of the tree row by the Arboretum that I visit - and photograph - a lot. From this angle you can get a sense of the enormity of the trees, and how lovely it all is in the snow.

A thing I enjoy about tree rows is the neat, organized lines of the trees. So my song has the word line in it. Here is Toto, with Hold the Line.

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