There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Real Penn State Winter Whiteout

The temperatures were in the single digits when I left for work, and I think the high for the day may have only been in the teens. I put on all of my layers in the morning and caught my bus to campus. Once or twice, I've had to wait for the bus a half-hour or more. Fortunately, on this very cold day, it was pretty much on time.

It may not surprise you to learn that I did not dawdle for photos on this day. In temperatures like these, your face gets chapped the instant you step into the outdoors. That weird feeling in your nose - I'm sorry to mention this, but that's your nose hairs freezing solid. And I am not much of a cryer, but I'll admit that the bitter wind squoze tears out of even my unwilling eyes.

There was just time for one fast loop around the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, and then I hopped on my next bus over to Innovation Park, where I work. As soon as I got on the bus, the sky opened up, and everything turned white. It was snowing from every direction at once. When the bus doors opened, in came the storm!

It's amazing how fast travel conditions turn from merely OK to simply horrible in a whiteout. And that was indeed the case. Visibility was nil. There wasn't much snow, but the wind was really doing a lot with it. You can understand why there might be multi-vehicle accidents in such weather; you can't see a doggone thing!

As the bus went past our famous Beaver Stadium (aka: The House that Joe Built), I snapped a few photos out the window. This was the best one. It was a real winter whiteout at Beaver Stadium. And I rode the storm out on the bus.

The soundtrack song is REO Speedwagon, with Ridin' the Storm Out.

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