Today we had the post procedure check-up with Nelson. He got his blood work taken and a prostate examined. He's inflammation levels were double to normal last time (pre op) and now they were tripled. So he clearly is suffering from serious bacteria or virus infection. It could be a tick bite, or it could be from the teeth.

Anyway we got new antibiotic, one for choleretic treatment (used in cholestasis to induce the CYP450 system in treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and lowering of bilirubin in chronic cholestasis. Google tells me) and one to work as Leptin protector. So 3 medicines combined. He's off from painkillers so we need to take his temperature every day and if the fever is back, I need to go back tp get medicine for that.

Then I texted with my Welsh professor of medicine and send her the blood work. She said liver is working, but we need to give Nelson high protein and calorie food to help fight with the inflammation. So I've prepared food for this evening and tomorrow morning according the instructions.

So Nelson has a international care team on his side. Finnish home carers and Spanish veterinarian and a Welsh consult for overall care.

Nelson has been doing better than yesterday. More alert, better appetite, wagging his tale and even licking my hand for thank you.

He's still peeing much more and actually woke us up last night as he had to go. But he's also drinking more, which is very good.

I managed to sew 2,5 dresses of the 7 I have cut. 2 finished ones you can check out here: https://www.instagram.com/vhgalacant/
The black and white is for myself.

Even if this morning walk picture indicates it's been mostly sunny and quite warm day. Highest 19°C, but stormy winds. We're getting an Atlantic storm from next couple of days. Our area will only get some strong winds, and it seems that temps will rise even up to 21°C tomorrow. Interesting!

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