By HeidiHH


Morning shot. We had amazing colors this morning. It was like we had an Instagram filter over us.

So Nelson...
He threw up this morning - twice. We were almost taking him to the vet day early, but then I fed him chicken and he managed to keep down nearly all. He slept some more and at noon got his painkiller and few hours after that I gave him some fish that I made in the over for him this morning. Few hours later we gave him more fish and some rice. He ate all and kept all down. He's gotten more alert and even been at times begging for food if one of us was in the kitchen. He's been following us around the house too.

However he got some more fish and rice for supper and did not eat at all. I don't know if it's because according to the instructions we're supposed to give him probiotics with his supper. So is it a coincidence or because of the probiotics? This was the 5th evening we've tried to give him probiotics and the 5th evening he's taken absolutely nothing.

No fever. Better energy when walking. Needs to go pee between walks. Drinks more than usual. Sleeping now, but we still have our evening walk ahead. We'll offer his supper again to him after last walk.

Yesterday and today I cut 7 dresses. One I put together today. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtOLoABnC63/

I also did some yoga and pilates and foam rolling this evening. I didn't sleep that well last night, so I'm quite surprised that I managed to do this much.

2 funny things happened today.

1st one was that this picture was posted in Twitter 2 days ago:

It's from 1992! It was posted by the little boy on the right end on the first row. I saw this today. Guess who is the front row far left? It's me! Next to me is my dad. Next two are some Finnish celebrities (hence the picture). The little boy who posted this is a radio morning host now days. My dad's friend's son. I think his dad perhaps took the picture.

Look at the shoulders of my blazer! It's a proper Melanie Griffith Working girl flashback!

2nd is that Darude (Sandstorm) was selected to Eurovision Song Contest to represent Finland and today they announced it. I've had this beanie for a long time. Even took it to Spain with me:
I've kept Darude's autograph on the inside, but I guess now I have to start using the beanie the other way around. It's a t-shirt transfer of a CD cover that I scanned in which I had his autograph. It says in Finnish "To Heidi Ville / Darude" As Ville is his real name.

So that's my day in the life of some Finnish celebrities. :-D But the best thing is that Nelson is making progress.

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