Haldon Belvedere

I've been suffering a bit today. I've had a bit of stiffness in my leg and I thought it might be due to the fairly long walk on the sandy beach on Monday. Today it was much worse, I took some paracetamol which didn't do much and I decided it must be sciatica. I took some ibuprofen later and that helped more. It's not something I've experienced before so I hope it will wear off.

We had a light dusting of snow overnight but I didn't think it would last long. I was surprised to find when I went out later that the snow continued to lie in many places. I went up to Haldon to the Belvedere. It's a high point of course and it was great to see that not only was there snow but it was largely untrodden.

It's Wideangle Wednesday but I didn't check the theme before I went out. I'm not sure this fits with' running water' very well.

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